Marketing consultant

Implementation of
telemarketing campaign

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Software Development

We create your software specific
to your branch of activity

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We assist companies in difficulty

We deliver
efficient solutions

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High-quality creative services
We provide reliable services for all spheres of business worldwide
Web Design

The team of EAI Consulting offers web design and development services at affordable rates for businesses big and small.

Software development

EAI Consulting, with its partners, is specialized in the development of tailor-made software.

Business methodology

A desire to create a company or simply to develop an idea, EAI Consulting accompanies you.


EAI Consulting, telemarketing consulting, will allow you to achieve very varied and ambitious objectives.


EAI Consulting will accompany you throughout the various stages of the creation of your visual identity.

Start-up support

EAI Consulting, a specialist in Startup's development assistance, will accompany you throughout the various stages.

An easy way to have a perfect website
The EAI Consulting method for the realization of your website :

Let our web design team build a custom website that matches your business goals. We create a custom mockup of each design, for each page and then we make revisions to your design until it's exactly the way you want it. This is a true custom design, and unlike many others, our designs are an exact match to your brand.

  • Scalable and professional solutions according to your budget
  • A personalized graphic corresponding to your visual identity
  • A model integrating your logo and your colors
  • We take care of the choice of your keywords and the referencing of your site
  • EAI Consulting finally puts your website online with your domain name
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Creation of customized software
Your software is contractually guaranteed against bugs

In some professions, creating a software package that meets all the needs of a profession is difficult, even impossible, due to the excessive number of use cases. The absence of standard software can also come from still having a small clientele or from a profession that is difficult for the uninitiated to access.

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Business methodology
Development of the Business Plan or Business Development

Business Development is a combination of strategic analysis, promotional marketing and sales. This is one of the cornerstones of the company's success. EAI Consulting is specialized upstream during the creation of the company and assists downstream throughout its evolution, regardless of the steps to overcome or problems encountered.

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We offer an invaluable return on investment

With the help of its vast experience and its many specialized partners EAI Consulting’s team will assist you in the growth of your company. Endowed with an exceptional commercial sense, our team will guide you to the path of success and the ever-growing conquest of new customers !

Web Design




Visual identity and branding

Your recognizable brand among all thanks to the expertise of our team of experts.

EAI Consulting is positioned on the market as a specialist in visual identity and the creation of paper media. With 30 years of experience, EAI Consulting, with its many specialized partners, will accompany you throughout the various stages of the creation of your visual identity.

EAI Consulting, with the help of its team of specialized partners, will create the appropriate visuals and paper media that differentiate you from your competitors.

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EAI Consulting: your best partner
A creative structure specialized in the development of your company
01. Initial discussionAny project we accept starts with an initial discussion with our client to find out exactly what they want.
Guarantee of a great result

You can be sure to get a meticulously designed project when you decide to cooperate with us.

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02. Project designEAI Consulting has a team of strategists, combative and mastering the workings of business projects.
We deliver solutions that work

Since 1992, we offer a very high quality service to our customers who wish to develop.

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03. Set upOnce the project is validated, our experts work for the success of your company, and therefore yours.
Turnkey solutions

Our solutions have proven effective in optimizing your business's revenue.

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04. Final resultAt the end of this course our experts test the solutions put in place and validate them with you.
We believe in growth

Growth is the key to success and we prove it by almost 30 years of success in Europe and the United States.

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Marketing: implementation of telemarketing campaign

Whether to develop a marketing campaign for your consumer customers = B2C or with your business customers = B2B, EAI Consulting, telemarketing consultant, with the help of its many specialized partners will allow you to achieve very varied and ambitious objectives.

Why choose EAI Consulting ?

Happy Clients
Business Plan
We have received tons of awesome testimonials

Their team are easy to work with and helped me make amazing websites in a short amount of time. Thanks guys for all your hard work.


Your branding solutions are one of a kind ! Thanks to a new branding strategy you developed for my business, my products are more recognizable.


This is an excellent company ! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave me.

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